One-Year License

One-Year License


Our DIY Kit has everything you need to faciliate up to five Slide Deck Improv workshops over the course of a year! The One-Year License is for events with 75 or fewer attendees (per delivery). For larger events, please contact us for pricing!

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The following materials are included with the download:

  1. Facilitator’s guide: details of how to set up the workshop, discuss learning concepts, run improv games, and lead discussions.

  2. Complete set of PowerPoint slides

    • Learning prompts / key concepts

    • Four Slide Deck Improv show slide sets (5 image slides each).

    • Group discussion prompts

  3. Improv for Everyone activity: printable instructions and images

  4. Printable “Yes, and” certificate of participation to award to presenters

  5. Digital hand outs: Event Details, Presenter Preparation Guide, Slide Deck Improv Takeaways workshop summary

Recommended preparation times for your facilitator:

  • One hour for initial review of materials (high-level)

  • One hour to coordinate finding volunteers for improv program, distributing materials and printing activities

  • One hour to prepare for delivering the Slide Deck Improv program

You may take more or less time than this depending on your style and experience, but we wanted to give you a starting point for what’s involved in running a successful program for your employees or members.

Program length: 90 minutes to two hours, you can skip some of the activities if you’d like a shorter program.