Interested in bringing Slide Deck Improv to your small group and using your own internal facilitator? Our DIY Kit makes it easy! It includes slide decks, a logistics guide, improv games, talking points, a learning debrief and more. Click on one of our products here for more information.

Participant feedback from a Slide Deck Improv session delivered by internal facilitators:

“Yes to this. More of this. Please.“

One of the best activities we have done. Would love to get to do more of these.

”I have to admit, when I first saw this, I viewed it more as a fun, team-building, or entertainment type of thing. But seeing it in practice, I now see its value as a teaching tool for presentation skills; it really works!”

"Inviting fun and laughter into a topic that is typically serious is the perfect way to practice presentation skills in a judgment-free zone. Slide Deck Improv increased retention and really helped my students come out of their shells. It was my most memorable class!"

Prof. Ekaterina Cleary, Bentley University
Slide Deck Improv DIY Kit Customer

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