Improv Games for your Team: Word Ball

Get your creative juices flowing with this easy word association game. This game is about listening and letting loose.  Your team will learn free their thoughts of constraints and see where their instincts take them.

Goal: Get out of your head and have fun!

How to play:

  1. Assemble the group in a circle, ideally with no table in the middle

  2. One person starts with the ball (a beach ball or any other object easy to toss) and say the first word that comes to mind

  3. That person throws the ball to another person.

  4. The next person says the first word that comes to their mind

    • Ideally, the word will be associated to the previous word

    • To up the stakes, make the next word start with the last letter of the previous word!

  5. Continue until everyone has at least had one turn

  6. Great for teams of 4-10 and can be done anywhere (in-person)!


Person A: Bananas! *throws ball to Person B*

Person B: Pancakes! *throws ball to Person C*

Person C: Crepes! *throws ball to Person D*

Person D: France! *etc*


This is a fun game with low stakes, it’s all about free association. Playing this with your team will allow them to feel free to say what comes to mind. There are no wrong answers!

We tend to play it safe in an office environment and it can limit the work we produce. This game will give your team room to explore different ideas and allow them to be comfortable trying new things.

It’ll also help your team bond over a fun and silly game before digging into their work. Upping the stakes will also get them practicing ‘Yes, and’. Because people can pass the ball to anyone, everyone will have to listen closely to keep the game going smoothly.