Improv Games for your Team: Pass the Clap

A deceptively simple game that will bring energy to your team and help them to connect, sync up, and build rapport!

Goal: Pass a clap around the group.

How to play:

  • Assemble the group in a circle

  • The person starting turns to the person to their left, makes eye contact

  • Without speaking, both players try to clap at the same time

    • The idea is that only one clap is heard

  • The second person then turns to their left and repeats with the next person

  • Repeat until you move the clap around the circle to the starting point

    • Up the stakes by allowing players to choose either the left or right person to pass the clap and see how fast you can go!

Great for teams of 4+ and can be done anywhere (in-person)!


Watch this video to see how it’s done. We recommend you stand relatively close together (one arm length at most). They are doing the variation where they can send the clap either left or right, check out how fast they go.


It is a bit strange at first trying to make that connection to sync up a clap, but once you get rolling it becomes easier. Like our day-to-day work, it’s easy to get out of sync. This game will help remind your team how smoothly things work when they’re on the same page.

Passing the Clap forces your team to pay close attention to their colleagues, and not just on a verbal level. People communicate mostly through non-verbal cues, so this game will open your team’s eyes to everything being communicated in a situation.

Energize your team and get them out of their heads and into the room. A quick round of Pass the Clap will get everyone ready for a great meeting, training, or day!