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Say Goodbye to Reading Slides

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We create an exhilarating space for participants to move from their comfort zone to their courageous zone. This is the sweet spot for learning and growth. 

Speaking in front of a group can be scary. Trying something new, like improv, for the first time can also be uncomfortable. But once participants do it, and share some laughs in the process, that fear loses its power. People leave Slide Deck Improv feeling confident and more relaxed in front of a crowd, and ready to tackle new challenges. 

Who benefits from Slide Deck Improv?



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Gain confidence and adaptability in public speaking situations. Learn to use visuals that support your message, instead of repeating it. Improve audience engagement and connection with your message.

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Learning and Development Leaders


Gain strong participant engagement and high achievement on public-speaking and messaging learning outcomes.

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Marketing and Business Development Stakeholders


Improve the delivery of organization's messages and representation of the brand. Develop executive presence of staff.

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Enjoy laugh-out-loud fun while learning, practicing new skills, and exploring vulnerability in a safe space.


photos and inspriation courtesy of
ACG West Michigan + Tiberius Images